Audience Related SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Audience Refers to those people who visited your website from search engine, all these factors are critically Important Ranking Factors. These Factors are basically plays their role once your website is indexed and listed by search engine.

Click Through Ratio (CTR) : More People select your website to read from search engine results. Higher ranking you will get.

Google Ranking Factors 2017

Direct Traffic : Google Use Chrome as source to detect direct traffic of any website and Similarly Bing use internet explorer Browser. More direct traffic, More ranking in search engine as well.

Repeat Traffic: If any website have large ratio of people as repeated visitors, it will send quality signal to search engine companies.

Dwell Time: Longer People stay on your website, higher rank your website enjoy.
There are Many Other factors as well which help in getting higher rank  in  Search Engines. If you play wisely with all factors listed above then your website will get top 10 Google Ranking.


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